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Proof Coil Chain is a great high performance general purpose chain that’s ideal for logging, lashing cargo, pulling stumps, pipe installations, and other heavy-duty tasks.

With a wide variety of proof coil chain available, whether you need coil chain for a specific purpose or you just need it to have on hand for general-purpose heavy-duty work, we can get you the perfect chain for the task.

Note: While coil chain is a great all around solution for general lifting, lashing, securing, and pulling – it should not be used for overhead lifting.

A better source for the Proof Coil Chain You Need

At Hale Bros, we’ve spent years perfecting every aspect of our business. From manufacturing and quality control to customer service and support. With all of that in mind, think about what you need when you’re looking for chain. You’re looking for quality, fast delivery, and low prices. At Hale Brothers, we’ve structured our business to give you all three.

  • When you turn to Hale Brothers Inc., for proof coil chain, you benefit from:
  • Zinc plated steel for better weather resistance
  • Grade 30 proof coil chain
  • Chain with load limits up to 750 lbs
  • All purpose Proof coil chain
  • Varying lengths of proof coil chain
  • Complete line of proof coil chain
  • High test and alloy grade proof coil chain
  • Domestic and Asian Sources to give our customers a premier source custom chain manufacturing and competitive prices for general purpose chain
  • Standard packaging in boxes, pails, half or full drums
  • Custom Manufactured Proof Coil Chain

Bulk and Custom Manufactured Proof Cool Chain

Hale Bros., Inc. offers a complete line of proof coil, high test, and alloy grade chain. Proof coil chain is available in a number of sizes, types, and price ranges.

Additionally, proof coil chain (and many other types of chain) is available from both domestic and overseas sources. This combination improves our flexibility and gives us the ability to provide high quality proof coil chain to our customers while remaining competitive in our pricing. This also helps us improve delivery time by shipping solely from domestic sources when required. So whether you need standard proof coil chain now, or a custom manufactured solution – we aim to be the high-quality and cost effective source. Standard packaging for proof coil chain is typically boxes, pails, and half or full drums.

For more information on proof chain readily available in our inventory or custom manufactured, please don’t hesitate to contact Hale Brothers Inc today.