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One of the most commonly used materials in the world continues to be stainless steel. With this in mind, we probably don’t even need to remind you that Hale Brothers is a leading source for high quality stainless steel chain for OEM’s in virtually any industry that uses chains.

Hale Bros


All of Hale Bros., Inc.’s wire formed chains including jack chain, double jack chain, and ladder sprocket chain can be manufactured from the most common types of stainless steel, giving you a source of stainless steel you can count on for reliable chain in the many varieties that you need.

Having spent so many years in this business, we’re well aware that no two applications are exactly alike. Because of that, our wide selection of stainless steel chain is carefully selected to offer a solution for widely varying applications. Stainless steel chain available includes grade 304 stainless steel chain for food related and exterior applications, grade 316 stainless steel chain for medical instruments, photography and x-ray processing, and grade 410 stainless steel chain for customers that require corrosion resistance and heat treat ability.

In addition to offering stainless steel chain in various grades, we also offer more exotic alloys such as inconel and nichrome, as well as precipitation hardening grades such as 17-8 and 18-8.

Stainless Steel Chains and More

  • Stainless steel chain
  • Most common types of stainless steel
  • Grade 304 stainless steel chain
  • Grade 316
  • Grade 410 for corrosion resistance and heat treat ability
  • Inconel chain
  • Nichrome chain
  • Stainless steel chain in precipitation hardening grades 17-8 & 18-8
  • Grade 17-8 stainless steel chain
  • Grade 18-8 stainless steel chain

Custom Manufactured Stainless Steel Chains

Even with out wide range of

  • Wire Formed Chains
  • Jack Chain
  • Double Jack Chain
  • Ladder Sprocket Chain
  • Roller Chain

Stainless Steel Chains are Available in Bulk for Any Industry

With stainless steel chain available in the grades and with the specifications you need, we’re positive our variety of stainless steel chain can effectively serve clients large and small for everything from food service applications to the medical industry. Industries and applications we have the pleasure of accommodating with our stainless steel chain include:

  • Food Service
  • Exterior Applications
  • Architectural Applications
  • Construction
  • Oil applications
  • Trucking and transportation
  • Medical Instruments and Equipment
  • Photography
  • X-Ray Processing
  • Marine Applications

The Number One Source for Stainless Steel Chain for Every Industry

Still wondering if we have the right chain for your needs? Contact us today; we have the answers you need!