When you have an application that requires reliable chains, we can help. As a supplier of chains in numerous configurations for industry and OEM applications everywhere, we've had the opportunity to provide large and small businesses with the right solutions, faster delivery, better quality, and more competitive prices. Chain types available include:conveyor chain, jack chain, ladder chain, "miniature chain, proof coil chain, "roller chain, and stainless steel chain.


As a provider of precision manufactured sprockets in various configurations, we frequently deliver solutions for various industrial & OEM applications ranging in complexity from a sprocket for a bicycle to large and heavy duty sprockets manufactured for industrial machinery. Our goal is to quickly provide the cost effective sprockets you need to guarantee quality & long-term reliability that you'll never have to question. Sizes, diameters, & lengths vary greatly for more information on sprockets, click here.


Every day we provide the chain and sprocket solutions customers in a wide variety of industries need. For every customer, our goal is to help you succeed with better products, greater reliability, and competitive pricing. Whether your applications are simple or complex - we have the chains and sprockets that you can depend on to deliver superior performance. To request a quote for chains or sprockets or to learn more about our capabilities, click here and a member of our staff will contact you shortly.

Our modern facility allows us to manufacture the highest quality ladder chain available today and meet our customers demands for on-time delivery.

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  • Proof Coil Chain
  • Roller Chain
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  • Stainless Steel Chain
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Hale Bros., Inc. was established in 1893. Since then, the company has specialized in the manufacture of Jack Chain and beginning in 1957, Ladder Sprocket Chain. In 1975 we moved to a new modern plant in Seabrook New Hampshire. It has provided us with the facilities necessary to supply our customers with precision chain made to standard specifications or custom-made to meet your own particular needs. Our modern facility allows us to manufacture the highest quality ladder chain available today.

We manufacture a full-line of ladder chain and jack chain using the experience that we have gained over the last 100+ years. We have the capability of manufacturing to very close tolerances and to design and manufacture a custom chain for special applications. Couple this with a full range of plastic or metal sprockets and you can see that we are able to meet the diverse needs of all our customers.

We have begun an aggressive program to broaden our product lines to include roller chain, conveyor chains, and a full line of welded chains.